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A french know-how that has been perpetuated since 1820

Born in Morez in 1820, the Fidela company is one of the oldest eyewear manufacturers of the Jura region. 

Its Airlight brand, whose light and thin frames have become the trademark, is distributed internationally. Committed to the conservation of its manufacturing expertise for the production of metal frames, the brand has obtained the "Origine France Garantie" label, which guarantees the traceability and manufacturing quality of the Airlight frames. 

About Airlight

A fully mastered manufacturing process

Every step of the frames' design, including the original drawing, the realization of prototypes, tools development and serial production, are conducted in Fidela's Jurassian workshops.

Thus, the eyewear company contributes to the sector's growth and to the conservation of an ancestral know-how in the Jura, the cradle of the optical-eyewear industry.


Airlight Style, the interaction between tradition and modernity

Airlight now continues to develop with the Airlight Style line, a new frames collection which keeps the characteristics and quality of previous Airlight models, while targeting younger customers thanks to a minimalist and refined design.   

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